2018 - 2019
TAPS Associate Members

Nicola Arnold
Poppy Boys-Stone
Sally Coulden
Yuko Edwards
Molly Goldwater
Molly Harcombe
Clair Hunnisett

Antonia Klement
Annie Lilygreen
Debbie Lewis
Sam Lucas
Robert Luzar
Polly Maxwell
Petra Regent
Genevieve Roxburgh
Katie Jones
Scott Sandford
Shawn Sobers
Stephanie Tudor
Jackson Woodcock

The Artist Projects Space was founded in September 2017 by artist Béa Kayani.
Co-founding artists: Andrew Neil Hayes, Jason Brown, Antonia Clement, Helen Acklam, James Vassallo, James Norman and John Steed.

It has since become a thriving space for creative exchange; critical dialogue; peer-support and collaborations for artists committed to developing and advancing their art practice with a critical rigour in a mutually beneficial way. 

TAPS is based at the Paradise studios, The Works, part of Gathering Voices’ creative quarter for BS3.

In December 2018, Béa Kayani also founded Kosar Contemporary.

Kosar Contemporary is the largest artist-led non-commercial art gallery of its kind in Bristol. Based in a 6000 sq. ft ex-industrial building named Paradise Studios in the heart of Bedminster. Paradise Studios is part of The Works, Gathering Voices’ creative outreach and leadership hub in BS3.

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