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Our Goals

An artist led incubator space for ideas, collaboration and peer support.

The Artist Project Space was created to address post-academic isolation in 2017. Since then, it has become an exciting platform for a rigorous art critique, for a continued professional development as well as a sounding-board for developing ideas and works-in-progess. Our aim for each participating artists is to help progress their art practice on a peer-to-peer level and provide opportunities to seek out budding collaboration,  exhibitions and create micro-residencies and bursaries for the group members in a thriving and stimulating, trusting and safe environment. 



The Artist Project Space is an artist-led initiative for painters, sculptors, multi-media, experimental and interdisciplinary artists who are interested in developing their art practice through peer support, dialogue and collaboration. 

We are based in Bristol, United Kingdom and aim to collaborate nation-wide and internationally. 

TAPS is a platform for a continued development of contemporary artists. With an  interest in dialogue through: 

  • Critical Rigour 

  • Studio visits 

  • A sounding-board for developing ideas and works-in-progess

  • Peer-networking

  • Supporting each other in a trusted environment 

  • To  seek out  collaborations organically through mutual interest and threads of developing works

  • Curate exhibitions with and for the participating TAPS artists

  •  Micro-residencies and bursaries for our members 

We got together to address the critical and creative lull after the completion of postgraduate studies. We wish to continue with the same critical rigour but break down the idea of art school "art critique" to broaden the conversation that is more suited to independent contemporary artists. Although, most of our artists have achieved Masters in Fine Arts or completed a post-graduate study; this is not a requirement. 

We are creating a network and helping build an alternative art eco-system that brings a sense of ownership to everyone involved.  We are entirely self-funded and self-reliant, depending on the contributions, participation and commitment to our goals from our members.  

With that in mind we have a 2 tier membership system:

Associate Members         £6.50 per month.         

  • Attend TAPS meetings, sessions and discussions which are held fortnightly.

  • Access to the network and newsletter.

  • Peer-led mentoring sessions.

Core Members                  £10 per month        

  • Presence on TAPS website.

  • Curate TAPS sessions.

  • Opportunities to collaborate with fellow members, curate and create TAPS exhibitions.

  • Participate in resdiency opportunities.

To become a member, please contact us through the form below.

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How To Join us

Anyone with an interest in developing their art practice through peer-support and critical dialogue can join. TAPS is a platform for the development of a diverse fine art practices.

The associate membership fee is £6.50 per month.
Core members fee is £10 per month.
This must be paid on the 1st of each month by a Standing Order or Direct Debit.

In order to qualify as a core-member:

70% attendance rate is acceptable. 80-90% is desirable.

Each artist must bring a work in progress to two session during a term. This could be the evolution of the same work/idea or two different works.

Term durations:

Nov 2018 - February 2019

March - June 2019

July-August - break

Sept - October 2019

November 2019 - February 2020

Sessions usually held regularly o Thursdays 10 : 30 am - 1 pm - every two/three weeks.